Hi. I'm Akiko. Born in Kyoto Japan, raised half of my life in Japan, the other half (and still going) in southern California. I'm a self proclaimed photographer. I love cars, motorcycles, most sports, and I definitely love life. I also am a self proclaimed ninja. But anyway, above all that I'm the dark-lord of the underworld, goddess of the living dead. You may call me Queen Akiko, or Lord Akiko, or just "My Lord". I drive a 08 Subaru Impreza WRX STi >>>>also, i dont usually answer anons, so if you really want to hear my answer to whatever you want to ask, ask me not on anon. i 99% of the time always reply privately<<<

never ever getting acuve 2 weeks EVER AGAIN. 

theres like this weird clouding in my contacts when i wear them (and, its new, so its not because its “old” or “overused”). literally, a day after it gets all weird. the contact looks dry? i dont even KNOW what the eff this shit is!! i got it from my optometrist when i went and got my exam, and once i go home tonight…EFF THIS SHIT. lol.

im sorry if i freaked any of my followers out with this random HUGE zoomup of my eyes hahahaa (also this is as wide as it goes! chinky asian eyes! lawl). 

also sorry for the rant…its just, im trying to study here and i CANT because my vision is all WEIRD because of this bullshit. UGHHHHH )#&$)#*$)(#*)($*#$ 

i never had problems with their 1-day ones though. BUT! im so mad because i contacted acuve’s online complaint filer thing the moment i realized it wasnt going away…and they told me to call them for a “follow-up”. am i a bitch to think maybe THEY should be contacting ME??? lololol 

but, everything in a nutshell? EFFACUVE. haha. at least, the 2-week ones =___= 

  1. thelightsarefading said: day and night from ciba vision works awesomely for me =)
  2. skrillaa said: lol.. been using these for years fine. maybe your eyes are sensitive to them or something
  3. crimsonchase said: My optometrist gave me the option of getting those, glad I declined. o_O
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