Hi. I'm Akiko. Born in Kyoto Japan, raised half of my life in Japan, the other half (and still going) in southern California. I'm a self proclaimed photographer. I love cars, motorcycles, most sports, and I definitely love life. I also am a self proclaimed ninja. But anyway, above all that I'm the dark-lord of the underworld, goddess of the living dead. You may call me Queen Akiko, or Lord Akiko, or just "My Lord". I drive a 08 Subaru Impreza WRX STi >>>>also, i dont usually answer anons, so if you really want to hear my answer to whatever you want to ask, ask me not on anon. i 99% of the time always reply privately<<<

so he just told me she’s fixable guys! now just waiting on my insurance! motor rebuild?! <3 so happy :)))))))

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  6. jayboozled said: I almost wish she wasn’t so you could pick out your new one instead of waiting. Good luck!
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