Hi. I'm Akiko. Born in Kyoto Japan, raised half of my life in Japan, the other half (and still going) in southern California. I'm a self proclaimed photographer. I love cars, motorcycles, most sports, and I definitely love life. I also am a self proclaimed ninja. But anyway, above all that I'm the dark-lord of the underworld, goddess of the living dead. You may call me Queen Akiko, or Lord Akiko, or just "My Lord". I drive a 08 Subaru Impreza WRX STi >>>>also, i dont usually answer anons, so if you really want to hear my answer to whatever you want to ask, ask me not on anon. i 99% of the time always reply privately<<<

so since i havent been uploading any nail stuff lately…i thought id share my latest discoveries with you :P

im a regular on HauteLook.com and Ideeli.com which is kind of like online outlet(??) sites. basically everyday from certain hours both sites have HUUUGE deals on big named brands. Ideeli a few days ago had a deal where i can buy a $50 worth of gift card for $25 on PritiNYC. the site has a HUGE collection of pretty nail polishes, and it looked like a good deal (25 for 50?? hell yes) so i went with it. 

in the end i bought 3 polishes (all the bigger sized ones, not the mini) and including shipping it came to be 48 dollars. (which included express delivery, 3 days :P) 

the above pic is the nail polishes i had bought…left to right:
-Dorothy Palm
-Hardy Water Lilly

Here is what i think:

-now, im going to start with hardy water lilly…it came out a lot darker than what the bottle looks, this one unfortunately was a no go for me :/ i may re-try it again with this pale-blue glitter polish as a layer over it to lighten it up…still deciding. it had this green tint on it, which i didnt like :/  

-Sundew was more watery and not as pigmented as the dorothy palm in the next description. also had a creamy look to it, almost pale white with silver? probably need more than 1 coat if not 2-3, or use it as a glitter layer on top of another polish :) still very beautiful, i dont regret it :D

-the dorothy palm was a nice shade, i REALLY loved how it looked on my nail! ONE coat was perfect, no streaks, no nothing. the only down side (like any other glitter polish) is when your taking it off, glitter tends to take FOREVER to get rid off not to mention goes all over your hand lol). but yes, i LOVED this one.

overall however, i had never heard of PritiNYC but now i LOVE it. probably go back and get some more when i can :P expensive, but i experienced no chipping, and i LOVED how pgimented it was :D 

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